Friday, October 26, 2007

Peterson Named Stater


All of you who had the insight to take a chance at the draft and pull the trigger on Adrian Peterson are about to be rewarded. In an interview late Friday afternoon with CBSsportsline, Peterson said that he was named the team' starting running back. If you drafted a stud early and picked up Peterson late, you should be in heaven right about now.

Good luck the rest of the way.

Friday Afternoon Practice

Friday Afternoon Updates

Kevin Faulk

Sorry Faulk waiver wire grabbers, Sir Lawrence is back in charge in New England. Does this mean they will all of a sudden get better? Probably. Rejoice if you have been waiting for the big guy to return.

Adrian Peterson

Looks like Chester Taylor is going to start again for the Vikes. Don't get sad and lock yourself in a room with a buckett of chicken just yet. Adrian has been doing just fine all season coming in and doing what he's asked to. He'll get the goal line carries and stay nice and fresh for your playoff drive. Remember, there's still half a season to go.

Steven Jackson

Jackson will start against the Browns, but first game back after a hammy is touch and go. It was announced today that he will have a modified workload, which means that Brian Leonard will get some of Jackson's carries.


The ageless wonder, who has become more loved the older he gets, will start to for the Panthers against the Colts this weekend. This means that if you have either DeShawn Foster or DeAngelo Williams, they should both be in there.

Jamal Lewis

Jamal Lewis

Lewis did practice on Friday afternoon, but did not go at full strength. Not a good sign for Lewis owners, but if you owned Jason Wright, you will have a good time against a paper thin Ram Defense.

Friday News

What's happening on a Friday

Let's start with some running back news.

First of all, who is Jesse Chatman, the new starting RB for the Miami Dolphins?

Chatman was an Division I AA All American at Eastern Washington. His best year there produced a season where he rushed for 2,096 yards. He finished his career with 4, 173 total yards and 53 touchdown, so he knows how to find the endzone. Players like Chatman believe they should be playing in the NFL. In Cam Cameron's offense, who made a star out of LT, Jesse should find some room. The Dolphins will try to control the clock against the Giants, who are not great against the run. If you are looking for someone at this point in the season, you can't be too choosy.

For those looking for a waiver wire pick up, DeShawn Wynn has been named the starter for Monday Night's game. Though not a huge speed back, he was the main man at Florida for their years competing in the top 5 while running against SEC competition. This means he knows how to bang around in their and will find the end zone. He's a great #2 back as the weather turns cold, so get him on your squad and get some free handouts in Green Bay.

Travis Henry did not practice again on Thursday, which means his ribs aren't healthy enough to take a hit. Selvin is waiting in the garage like Cameron's father's Ferrari, so get him ready to go. He should see more of the load this week.

Frank Gore will be in the game this Sunday against the Saints along with Alex Smith. Don't expect a big reunion party against the Saints though as the Nawlins' squad has won 2 in a row and could save their season with a road victory over the Niners. Gore is a tough man, but an ankle is pretty important when it comes to running the football. If you have other options, you might want to look that way with little Frank this week.

Charles Woodson does not play offense, but the fact that his ankle is bothering him for a second straight week might make you look to Jay Cutler for a big game on Monday. With Henry hurting, the Broncos might use their air attack to give the Packers some unsavory Cheese and wash the taste of the Colorado Rockies out of the mouth of Denver. Nasty in a bad way.

Marshawn Lynch is going to have a coming out party against the Jets this weekend. The Bills offense is starting to click and Lynch is proving that West Coast schools have a little swagger to them. The former Golden Bear will run through the Jets like a dirty water dog from lower Broadway in a tourists stomach.

That Cleveland St. Louis game is going to be a scoring feast. All of those Rams that you've been sitting for these past two months should be let out for one final dance. The Browns on the road? This is a young team going against a Vet squad who have players going out there hurt. You think they're done? Just like the bottom dwellers in your fantasy league, the Rams still believe they have a shot at winning this thing. With Steven Jackson back on track, the Rams are going to score much.

Rudi Johnson looks to be out again this week, so Kenny Watson is a go again. Johnson did not practice either Thursday or Friday, so look for the Bengals to air it out against the Steelers, who showed last week that they can be beat like that.

Sticking with the Natti, Chris Henry is practicing with the team again, so you should pick him up on waivers before he blows up in two weeks and there is nothing left but an orange Bengal spot on the sidewalk where a great pick used to be.

More to come as practices let out on Friday.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Around the League

Rudi Johnson

He's killing fantasy owners all around America, and last week Mr. Watson's 3 TD game made it easier for Rudi to sit again this week. He was did not practice on Wed. and looks like he will sit out the Steeler Game. Don't be too sad Rudi owners, the fact that he went down and left your cupboard empty in late October just means that, next year, you should stock up on Running Backs because they break easily.

Travis Henry / Selvin Young

We might have to wait just a little bit longer. Henry was not a practice on Wed. and does not have any herbs to ease the pain of his bruised ribs, but he said today that he will play with padding covering himself on the Monday Night Game. Should be a game time decision but bruised Ribs are tough to get hit on, especially for a bruiser like Travis.

If you have options at RB, sit Selvin for another week. However, if you're thin, let him go. He should increase his workload this week.

Mo Jones Drew

He will play on Sunday. Not happy about all the questions on his knee, but he's tough and wants to keep things rolling. For all of you who refused to sell low on Mr. Jones, he will keep coming through for you.

Chris Henry (Bengals)

He was back at practice this week and is fresh, so grab him now off of your waiver wire. He's going to big come playoff time when other receivers start to go down.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Reporter is Back!

Apologies for the long period away. Personal reasons, but shall not happen again.

Let's get down to business. First, I'll address a few outstanding questions:

1. I was asked a question about trading 2RBS for Frank Gore. College Kid, you have Jacobs,Williams, Chapman, and Keith. If you can somehow get him to take Chapman and Keith, do it.

As for DeAngelo Williams, Word out of Carolina today is that Foster is hurthing with a sore toe, and the breakdown all of DeAngelo's owners of Foster is about to happen. Don't sell short. Jacobs just had a 100 yard game and a TD, so keep him no matter what the injury report says. He's tough and will be there for you. As for Gore, Defenses will stack the line against the Niners all year long.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Who Told you About Selvin Young First?

If you've been following The Fantasy Football Reporter since it's inception, before Draft Day, I was telling everyone to go on and get SELVIN YOUNG. Now, the bandwagon is full and there's not enough room to get on.

I've received emails letting me know everything from having a “man” crush on me to promising to name their first child after me. I thank you. Now, on with everyone. I've received some requests to focus more on user interaction so, let's have the questions about who you should start this week.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week 4 Wide Receivers

Only talking positives this week. Keep the questions coming about your team and I'll get back to you on the blog. Thanks for all your comments so far. Advice given up until game time.

Wide Receivers

Randy Moss

Randy Moss wants to say a few things to all the media members who kept saying all those things like “Not a good teammate” ‘Doesn’t Try” “Lost a Step.” Randy is Mr. Monday night and should torch the Bangles secondary. You don’t need me telling you that, but I just love to write about Randy. He’s the best receiver of his generation.

Chad Johnson

Now, Chad Johnson does not like to share the spotlight. He will be thrown to over and over and over again. Look for big Chad to do his part to win the game for the Natti Cats, which they just might do.


Same thing as Chad but not as much.

Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison

You love them and we do, let them play. Now, let’s get on with who you need to get in there. You know the rest of the top dogs: Roy Williams, T.O and Steven Smith, here’s what you need to push you over the top.

Reggie Brown

The game film says cover Kevin Curtis so they Giants will but it doesn’t say anything about Reggie Brown. He’s going to break out some time and this is the night. The Giants stopped a second year QB last week and almost gave it up at the end. Let this eagle fly.

Joey Galloway

Garcia has it working down in the Bay and should light it up with your Pal Joey. Look for a big day against the Carolina secondary. Division game – big day for offense here. Book it.

Santonio Holmes

Ward is out for the game and the game is in Arizona, which means the Cardinals will be there. Holmes will have a breakout day and the Monday morning papers will be talking about how great he is. If you want to enjoy that read, let him play.

Wes Welker

Everyone Wang Chung tonight, if it’s Monday night and you’re playing the Natti. The #2 DB on the worst defense in football will be on this guy, so look for Wes to have a big night and the ESPN guys to talk about what a great and underappreciated receiver this guy is.

Deion Branch

Think he’s getting into a groove with Hasselbeck? Youbetcha. The Niners will give it up through the air because they want to shut down Shaun. They will.

Ron Curry

Told you last week that this was the guy. Dante is out for Revenge and Curry is a burner. Take some Raider for your Sunday pleasure.

Dwayne Bowe

Only guy on the Chiefs who can score. They will have to put points on the board somehow, and this kid is the real deal. JeMarcus loved him in College and you should have a little school girl crush in the pros.

Brandon Marshall

The Colts will blast the Broncos and they should give up some yards in the comeback attempt. Marshal will have a big game as Walker is limping and double covered anyway. Cutler is throwing safer passes to cut down on the picks and Marshall does much after the catch.

Laveranues Coles

The Bills? No way they stop the Jets who seem to be on a bit of a roll. Jones will open up the offense and Coles will catch at least one TD in this game. Mark my words.